1.What is Reliable IP Phone?

Reliable IP Phone is a local and long distance phone service that uses high-speed Internet access (broadband) combined with voice technology to provide quality, reliable and cost-effective calling solutions. The technology is also known as Voice over IP. Plus, Reliable IP Phone includes over 25 advanced and basic calling features most people have to pay extra to receive with their current local service provider.

2.What is VOIP?

VoIP stands for "Voice over IP" or "Voice over Internet Protocol." It is a new way of making and receiving phone calls through your high speed Internet connection (broadband). VOIP offers consumers the benefit of calling "locally and long distance" for less money, with high quality and reliable connections and more features than many traditional phone service offerings.

3.What is broadband?

Broadband is high-speed Internet access through a cable or DSL modem. It gives you an always on, faster connection than traditional dial up Internet access. Now with RIP, broadband makes it possible to make and receive phone calls using Voice over IP through your high-speed Internet connection.

4.How do I sign up for Reliable IP Phone?

You can sign up online at www.reliableipphone.com, choose the plan that meets your needs and follow our easy online order process. If you rather place your order by phone, contact our sales department at 1-212-624-4899.

5.How long will it take to receive my Reliable IP Phone telephone adapter?

Most customers will receive their Reliable IP Phone start-up kit in 3-5 days. For some customers on the west coast it may take up to 7 days to receive the shipment.

6.How do I track the status of my Reliable IP Phone order?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when your order is shipped.

7.What do I need to get service with Reliable IP Phone?

In order to use Reliable IP Phone over IP service, you will need the following: A broadband high-speed Internet service such as: DSL or Cable. A credit card with US billing and shipping address. RIP Telephone Adapter that is provided when you sign up.

8.What connections will Reliable IP Phone work with?

Reliable IP Phone is compatible with high-speed Internet services such as DSL or Cable. Satellite Internet connections are not recommended for Reliable IP Phone 's Voice over IP Service as there may be some speed issues that are inherent to satellite connections or line of sight issues that could affect audio quality when making calls with Reliable IP Phone 's Voice over IP Service requires 90 kbps of consistent upload/download speed to make and receive phone calls.

9.Will my dial-up connection work with Reliable IP Phone?

No. Reliable IP Phone uses broadband or high-speed Internet connections only.

10.Can I use my current phone with Reliable IP Phone?

Yes.Reliable IP Phone works with most phones designed for residential use, as long as they're connected to the RIP phone adaptor we provide you.

11.Do I need a computer to use Reliable IP Phone?

No. The Reliable IP Phone phone adaptor that we provide you will connect directly to your broadband modem. Note: In some cases a computer may be required for the initial setup of Reliable IP Phone 's Voice over IP service.

12.Can I use my computer and talk on the phone at the same time?

Yes. Reliable IP Phone works independently of your computer, so you can make and receive calls while surfing the web.

13.How does the sound quality compare to my current phone?

You'll find the quality is at least as good as a cell phone, usually better! Because signals are transmitted and received digitally over the Internet, the quality of Voice over IP may very well exceed what you're currently getting.

14.Is Reliable IP Phone service available in my area?

Reliable IP Phone service is available anywhere in the US, regardless of where you live and your current telephone number. Reliable IP Phone customers are not limited by area code as to the availability; however, if you need to know if an area code in your local region is available, select your state for available area codes.

15.Do I have to get a phone number in my area code?

No. You may get a phone number in any city in any country currently made available to you on our website.

16.Is Internet service included?

No, Reliable IP Phone calling plans do not provide Internet access. Reliable IP Phone is compatible with most High-Speed Internet Service Providers.

17.Will Reliable IP Phone save me money?

Yes. Individuals and corporations with moderate to large long distance or international call usage can enjoy significant savings, depending on call volume ? up to 80% off traditional phone service.

18.Do I have to move my current phone number to Reliable IP Phone?

No. Moving your number to Reliable IP Phone is optional.

19.Do I have to cancel my local phone service to use Reliable IP Phone?

No. Reliable IP Phone uses your Internet connection to place Voice over IP calls and has no impact on your local phone service. Even if you use a phone line for your DSL broadband connection, Reliable IP Phone works independently of your local phone service.

20.Why would I never have to change my phone number again?

The phone number that Reliable IP Phone provides you with your Reliable IP Phone Voice over IP service is yours as long as you are a Reliable IP Phone customer. This number is portable, so if you move or travel and plug in your Reliable IP Phone Voice over IP service, your phone number remains the same.

21.When calling other parties, do they also need Reliable IP Phone or another VoIP service?

No. Reliable IP Phone is a transparent technology, allowing you to use your phone just like you always have.

22.Can I use Reliable IP Phone when I travel?

Yes. You can use Reliable IP Phone anywhere there's a high-speed Internet connection. Just be sure to bring your Reliable IP Phone phone adaptor with you and you can make Voice over IP calls with Reliable IP Phone. Note: Some office network environments may not be compatible with the Reliable IP Phone adaptor.

23.How can I travel with my Reliable IP Phone service?

Reliable IP Phone easily travels with you. Simply pack your Reliable IP Phone phone adaptor and power cord. Connect it to any analog phone and high-speed Internet connection to make and receive Reliable IP Phone Voice over IP phone calls while you travel.

24.Can I receive calls with Reliable IP Phone?

Yes. Reliable IP Phone is a transparent technology, which means it works just like your existing phone.

25.How do I receive phone calls with my Reliable IP Phone service?

To reach you, the calling party will simply dial your phone number and if your service is plugged in, your phone rings, you pick it up and start talking. If your adaptor is unplugged or out of service for any reason the caller will go to voicemail.

26.What happens to Reliable IP Phone if I move?

You can take your Reliable IP Phone account with you anywhere and keep the same phone number. If you like a different area code at your new location, you're free to select from a variety of area codes throughout the country.

27.If I sign up with Reliable IP Phone, will I still have the same features as my current telephone service?

Although Reliable IP Phone uses a different technology than your current phone service (Voice over IP), in most cases it offers the same features -- and even more. Features include Call Waiting, Voicemail, 3-Way Calling and many more.

28.Will my phone number be listed in the phone book?

No. Your phone number will not be listed in the phone book or Directory Assistance.

29.Can I place calls to 800 numbers through Reliable IP Phone?
You can call any phone number in US and Canada except toll-free numbers(800 & 888 ...etc).

30.Should I be receiving e-mail from Reliable IP Phone?

The Reliable IP Phone team will send you e-mails with your order status and other important account information. If you did not receive an e-mail when you signed up, it may have been treated as spam. Be sure to configure your spam filter to accept e-mail from the Reliable IP Phone.com domain. Also, confirm your e-mail address is typed correctly in your account information (go to Reliable IP Phone.com, Login to My Account and select Edit Profile

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