How does VOIP works?
  Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a general term of a technology for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet . Other terms frequently encountered and synonymous with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB) and broadband phone.
  What do I need for a VoIP connection?
  A Broadband Internet connection(via Ethernet cable), any SIP enabled VoIP device and a normal telephone instrument.
  Broadband Internet Connection
  A Broadband connection is a high-speed Internet connection either via Cable or DSL line. You have to own a Broadband connection provided by your Cable/Phone company.
Then you need to provide the required internet details to us.

Internet Types: To access the internet through device basically it requires the mode of interenet configured according to the ISP(Internet Service Provider).Most common types are as follows.

DHCP : No particular IP address (IP changes automaticaly)

STATIC : A static connections has IP address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS1 DNS2(Optional)

PPPOE : User has to connect internet with username and password icon

Dhcp/Static with Web login (authentication): User has to login their username and password with web login

MAC Binding : Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier assigned to most network adapters or network interface cards (NICs) by the manufacturer for identification. It may also be known as physical address
Some ISP providers bind the MAC address of the PC so that other network adapter or PC doesn't get the internet access .In that cases need to contact the ISP to reset the MAC address of VOIP adapter to get the net

Connect the Phone adapter to your existing high-speed Internet connection Connect your telephone to the ReliableIPPhone(RIP) Phone adapter Pick up your phone and make a call

NOTE :  We recommend the broadband speed to be 128kbps(download) and 32kbps(upload). Our service also works with 64kbps.
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